O Trinity of Blessed Light (also known as Thou Who Art Three in Unity)

1. O Trinity of bless├Ęd light, O Unity of princely might, The fiery sun now goes his way; Shed Thou within our hearts a ray.

2. To Thee our morning song of praise, To Thee our evening prayer we raise; O grant us with Thy saints on high To praise Thee through eternity.

3. All laud to God the Father be, All praise, eternal Son, to Thee, All glory, as is ever meet, To God the holy Paraclete.

Words: Ambrose of Milan, 4th Century. German version by M. Luther, 1543. English translation by John Mason Neale, 1852.
Music: 'O Lux Beata Trinitas' ancient Latin.
Setting: "A Hymnal" (Episcopal), 1916.
copyright: public domain. This score is a part of the Open Hymnal Project, 2009 Revision.

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