We All Believe in One True God (also known as In One True God We All Believe)

1. We all believe in one true God, Who created earth and heaven, The Father, who to us in love Hath the right of children given. He both soul and body feedeth, All we need He doth provide us; He through snares and perils leadeth, Watching that no harm betide us. He careth for us day and night, All things are governed by His might.

2. We all believe in Jesus Christ, His own Son, our Lord, possessing An equal Godhead, throne, and might, Source of every grace and blessing. Born of Mary, virgin mother, By the power of the Spirit, Made true man, our elder Brother, That the lost might life inherit; Was crucified for sinful men And raised by God to life again.

3. We all confess the Holy Ghost, Who sweet grace and comfort giveth And with the Father and the Son In eternal glory liveth; Who the Church, His own creation, Keeps in unity of spirit. Here forgiveness and salvation Daily come through Jesus' merit. All flesh shall rise, and we shall be In bliss with God eternally.

Words: Medieval text expanded by Martin Luther, 1524. Translation composite.
Music: 'Wir Glauben all an Einen Gott, Schoepfer' or 'Apostolic Creed' Medieval tune altered by Martin Luther. Found in Walter's Geistliche Gesangb├╝chlein, 1524. %
Setting: Bennett and Goldschmidt's "Choral Book for England" 1863 Appendix 6, there ascribed to an ancient source reproduced in Setting: "Eisenach Kirchenconserenz", G.v. Tucher et. al. , Stuttgart, 1854.
copyright: public domain. This score is a part of the Open Hymnal Project, 2009 Revision.

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