The Winds and Billows Loudly Roar

1. The winds and billows loudly roar We flounder in the deep Our bark is frail, far off the shore, And Jesus is asleep.

2. "Save us, we perish, Lord," they cry; To Thee we fly for aid; "Awake! awake!" they say; but why So faithless and afraid?

3. His head is pillow'd on the stern, As Man He is asleep; As God He all things does discern, And endless vigils keep.

4. He does the elements control; By His Almighty Will. The angry waves their surges roll; And at His Word are still.

5. O ye, who in the Church's Bark O'er life's rough ocean sail, When all around is drear and dark, and human efforts fail,

6. Touch not, with rude, irreverent hands, And coward faithlessness, Him, who the winds and waves commands; But wait in quietness.

7. O never, never when distressed, To doubtful means resort; Christ's Bark, when on the billow's crest, Is safe as in the port.

Words: Christopher Wordsworth, 1865. Music and
Setting: 'Consolation' or 'Morning Song' John Wyeth, 1813.
copyright: public domain. This score is a part of the Open Hymnal Project, 2013 Revision.

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