The Cloud Received Christ From Their Sight

1. The cloud received Christ from their sight. They stood, their mouths agape. Reminded of the things He taught His people still do wait.

2. The cloud kept safe God's people as Through the dry sea they trod, And led them through the wilderness; They truly walked with God!

3. On Sinai's height the cloud did rest To make a home below. The Ark first then His written Word His presence now would show.

4. Appearing on the mercy seat within the inmost place, the Temple showed God's promises to save our fallen race.

5. On mountain high Christ's face did shine like sun, a blazing light. The cloud once more appeared on earth a truly fearful sight.

6. While here in flesh You taught us, Lord The object sure and right: To see our Father's glory bright, To have eternal life.

7. A goal beyond our reach You've shown; We cannot pay the price. No work of ours atones for sin, We cannot set things right.

8. You are the Truth, You are the Way for us to see His face. You died for us a sinner's death abandoned in our place.

9. On Easter day, Lord, You were raised Firstfruits of our new Life; And in the cloud we see the day When joy will end all strife.

10. We wait to see the cloud's return To be with us below, When You fulfill Your promises To bring us to Your home.

11. And though we wait to see You now We know that You are near. Your promises to build our faith Are stronger than our fear.

12. You give us faith by Your strong Word In water, wine, and bread. The Spirit works through earthly means, in pastures green we're fed.

Special thanks for this text goes to Dr. Norman Nagel, whose insights inspired it.

Words: Brian J. Dumont, 09 Dec 2008.
Music: 'Azmon' Carl G. Gläser, 1828.
Setting: Lowell Mason, 1839.
copyright: Words: Copyright 2008, Brian J. Dumont. These lyrics may be freely reproduced or published for Christian worship, provided they are not altered, and this notice is on each copy. All other rights reserved.Music and Setting: public domain. This score is a part of the Open Hymnal Project, 2009 Revision.

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