The Advent of Our God

1. The advent of our God Shall be our theme for prayer Come, let us meet him on the road And place for Him prepare.

2. The everlasting Son Incarnate stoops to be, Himself the servant's form puts on To set His people free.

3. Come, Zion's daughter, rise To meet your lowly King, Nor let your faithless heart despise The peace He comes to bring.

4. As judge, on clouds of light, He soon will come again And all His scattered saints unite With Him on high to reign.

5. Before the dawning day Let sin be put to flight; No longer let the law hold sway, But walk in freedom's light.

6. All glory to the Son Who comes to set us free, With Father, Spirit, ever One, Through all eternity.

Words: Charles Coffin, 1736. translated by John Chandler, 1837, alt.
Music: 'St. Thomas' Aaron Williams, 1770.
Setting: "The Church Hymnal, Revised and Enlarged" (Episcopal), 1905.
copyright: public domain. This score is a part of the Open Hymnal Project, 2008 Revision.

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