Take Thou My Hand and Lead Me (also known as O Take My Hand, Dear Father or Lord Take My Hand and Lead Me)

1. Take Thou my hand, and lead me o'er life's rough way, with Heav'nly Manna feed me from day to day. Alone my footsteps falter and straggle wide, Lord who my life canst alter be Thou my guide.

2. Take Thou my heart and hide it in folds of grace Though pain or woe betide it to know Thy face Draw, Lord, of Thy good pleasure Thy child to Thee, And grant me faith's full measure though naught I see.

3. Though oft I think Thou hidest Thy wondrous might, Still to my goal Thou guidest me through dark night, Take, then, my hands and lead me till life is o'er, With heav'nly manna feed me forevermore.

Words: Julie Katharina von Hausmann, 1862. Translated by Rev. Julius Herman Edward Horstmann (1869-1954), before 1901.
Music: 'So Nimm Denn Meine Hände' Friedrich Silcher, 1842.
Setting: Donna Snell, circa 1975.
copyright: public domain. Setting released into the public domain by Donna Snell 10 Nov 2010. This score is a part of the Open Hymnal Project, 2010 Revision.

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