O Lord, I Am Not Worthy

1. O Lord, I am not worthy That Thou should'st come to me, But speak the words of comfort, My spirit healed shall be.

2. O Lord, Thou art all holy, The angels Thee adore; How, then, ought I sincerely My wrongs and sins deplore!

3. But when Thou soon wilt enter My heart, my sinful heart, Then heal me, be my shelter, For Thou my Savior art.

4. O Lord, how can I thank Thee For such a gift as this? A gift which truly filleth My soul with heav'nly bliss!

5. I praise Thee, I extol Thee, I love Thee O my Sire, Till once in joy and glory, In heav'n I Thee admire.

Words: from Landshuter Gesangbuch, 1777. Translation unknown, before 1913.
Music: 'Non Dignus' traditional air, before 1871.
Setting: "American Catholic Hymnal", 1913.
copyright: public domain. This score is a part of the Open Hymnal Project, 2011 Revision.

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