Now Rest Beneath Night's Shadow (also known as Now All the Woods Are Sleeping or Now Woods and Wolds Are Sleeping or The Duteous Day Now Closeth)

1. Now rest beneath night's shadow The woodland, field, and meadow, The world in slumber lies; But Thou, my heart, awake thee, To prayer and song betake thee; Let praise to thy Creator rise.

2. The radiant sun hath vanished, His golden rays are banished By night, the foe of day; But Christ, the Sun of gladness, Dispelling all my sadness, Within my heart holds constant sway.

3. The rule of day is over And shining jewels cover The heaven's boundless blue. Thus I shall shine in heaven, Where crowns of gold are given To all who faithful prove and true.

4. To rest my body hasteth, Aside its garments casteth, Types of mortality; These I put off and ponder How Christ will give me yonder A robe of glorious majesty.

5. Lord Jesus, who dost love me, Oh, spread Thy wings above me And shield me from alarm! Though evil would assail me, Thy mercy will not fail me: I rest in Thy protecting arm.

6. My loved ones, rest securely, For God this night will surely From peril guard your heads. Sweet slumbers may He send you And bid His hosts attend you And through the night watch o'er your beds.

Words: Paul Gerhardt, 1648. Translation composite before 1941.
Music: 'Innsbruck' or 'Nun ruhen alle Wälder' or 'O Welt, Ich Muss Dich Lassen' Heinrich Isaac, 1490.
Setting: Johann Sebastian Bach, 1734.
copyright: public domain. This score is a part of the Open Hymnal Project, 2010 Revision.

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