Lord Jesus Think On Me

1. Lord Jesus, think on me And purge away my sin; From earthborn passions set me free And make me pure within.

2. Lord Jesus, think on me, With many'a care oppressed; Let me Thy loving servant be And taste Thy promised rest.

3. Lord Jesus, think on me Amid the battle's strife; In all my pain and misery Be Thou my Health and Life.

4. Lord Jesus, think on me Nor let me go astray; Through darkness and perplexity Point Thou the heav'nly way.

5. Lord Jesus, think on me When floods the tempest high; When on doth rush the enemy, O Savior, be Thou nigh!

6. Lord Jesus, think on me That, when the flood is past, I may th'eternal brightness see And share Thy joy at last.

7. Lord Jesus, think on me That I may sing above To Father, Spirit, and to Thee The strains of praise and love.

Words: Synesius of Cyrene, circa 430. Translated by Allen W. Chatfield, 1876.
Music: 'Southwell' William Daman's Psalter, 1579.
Setting: "Common Service Book" (ULCA), 1917.
copyright: public domain. This score is a part of the Open Hymnal Project, 2008 Revision.

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