Jesus Sinners Doth Receive

1. Jesus sinners doth receive; Well may we this saying ponder Who in sin's delusions live, And from God and Heaven wander: Here is hope for all who grieve— Jesus sinners doth receive.

2. We deserve but grief and shame,— Yet His words, rich grace revealing, Pardon, peace, and life proclaim; Here their ills have perfect healing Who with humble hearts believe— Jesus sinners doth receive.

3. As the shepherd seeks to find His lost sheep that from Him strayeth, So hath Christ each soul in mind, And for its salvation prayeth; Fain He'd have each wand'rer live: Jesus sinners doth receive.

4. Come, then, all by guilt oppressed, Jesus calls, and He would make you God's own children, pure and blest, And to glory He would take you; Think on this, and well believe Jesus sinners doth receive.

5. Savior, now I come to Thee: Great my sins, a weary burden! Wilt Thou mercy show to me? Can I hope to find a pardon? I will trust: my soul relieve! Me, a sinner, Lord, receive!

6. Rich Thy mercy— strangely good! O how oft have I offended! But through Thy redeeming blood All my fear of wrath is ended: Yes I now can witness give: Jesus sinners doth receive!

7. Now my conscience is at peace; From the Law I stand acquitted; Christ hath purchased my release, And my every sin remitted. Naught remains my soul to grieve: Jesus sinners doth receive.

8. Jesus sinners doth receive! Happy in His ceaseless favor, Here for Heaven I will live, There shall live with Him forever, "Joy in death these tidings give; Jesus sinners doth receive!"

Words: Erdmann Neumeister, 1718. Translated by Henry Mills, 1845 (et al).
Music: 'Meinen Jesum Lass` Ich Nicht (Darmstadt)' from Neu-verfertigtes Darmst├Ądtiches Gesang-Buch, 1699.
Setting: "Mehrstimmiges ChoralBuch", 1906.
copyright: public domain. This score is a part of the Open Hymnal Project, 2013 Revision.

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