Jesus Christ, Our Blessed Savior (also known as Jesus Christ Our Redeemer Born or Christ Who Freed Our Souls From Danger or Jesus Christ Our God and Savior)

1. Jesus Christ, our Blessed Savior, Turned away God's wrath forever; Suff'ring pains no tongue can tell, He saved us from the pains of hell.

2. To remind us that, to save us He hath died, His flesh He gave us With this bread, a quick'ning food, And with this wine, His precious blood.

3. Whoso to this board repaireth, Take good heed how He prepareth; Death instead of life shall He Receive who comes unworthily.

4. Praise the Father, God in heaven, Who such dainty food hath given, And for misdeeds thou hast done Gave to die His beloved Son.

5. Thou shalt hold with faith unshaken, That this food is to be taken By the sick who are distressed, By those whose heart is sin— oppressed.

6. To such grace and mercy turneth Every soul that truly mourneth; Art thou well? Avoid this board, Else thou reapest an ill reward.

7. Christ says: "Come ye heavy-laden, I your weary hearts will gladden; They that are yet strong and well, Despise the best physician's skill.

8. Couldst thou earn thine own salvation, Useless were my death and passion; This feast is not spread for thee, If thine own helper thou wilt be.

9. If thou this believest truly, And confession makest duly, Thou a welcome guest art here, This heavenly food thy soul shall cheer.

10. But the fruits must not be missing, Love thy neighbor without ceasing, That true love let him receive, Which here to thee thy God doth give.

Words: John Hus (1369-1415). Expanded by Martin Luther, 1524. Translator v.4,6 by Richard Massie Other verses unknown.
Music: 'Jesus Christus Unser Heiland, Der Von Uns (Walter)' from Walter's Geistliche Gesangb├╝chlein, 1524.
Setting: Von Tucher, 1848, alt.
copyright: public domain. This score is a part of the Open Hymnal Project, 2009 Revision.

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