Isaiah, Mighty Seer, In Days of Old (also known as These Things the Seer Isaiah did Befall or Isaiah 'twas the Prophet)

1. Isaiah, mighty seer, in days of old The Lord of all in Spirit did behold High on a lofty throne, in splendor bright, With flowing train that filled the Temple quite. Above the throne were stately seraphim, Six wings had they, these messengers of Him. With twain they veiled their faces, as was meet, With twain in reverent awe they hid their feet, And with the other twain aloft they soared, One to the other called and praised the Lord: "Holy is God, the Lord of Sabaoth! Holy is God, the Lord of Sabaoth! Holy is God, the Lord of Sabaoth! Behold, His glory filleth all the earth!" The beams and lintels trembled at the cry, And clouds of smoke enwrapped the throne on high.

Words: Martin Luther, 1526 as the Sanctus of the German Mass, after Is 6:1-4. Translation composite.
Music: 'Jesaia Dem Propheten das Geschah' Martin Luther, 1526 in the German Mass.
Setting: Erythraeus, 1608.
copyright: public domain. This score is a part of the Open Hymnal Project, 2009 Revision.

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