Have Mercy On Me, O My God

1. Have mercy on me, O my God According to Your grace; According to Your tender Love Blot out transgressions great; For I acknowledge all my sin, Before my face they stand; Against You only have I sinned, There's evil on my hands.

2. O purge me now and I'll be clean, As clean and white as snow; O wash me in the Blood of Christ, Make me Your gladness know; Create in me a clean heart, Lord, Renew me thoroughly; Restore salvation's joy again, Uphold me tenderly.

Words: Brian L. Penney, 2007.
Music: 'Third Mode Melody' Thomas Tallis, 1567.
Setting: "The English Hymnal", 1906, alt.
copyright: Words: Copyright 2007, Brian L. Penney. These lyrics may be freely reproduced or published forChristian worship, provided they are not altered, and this notice is on each copy. All other rights reserved. Music and Setting: public domain. This score is a part of the Open Hymnal Project, 2011 Revision.

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