Christ My King On High

1. Lord, my sin, it grieves me so. How I long for my Lord to come. Bless my God who clothes me bright, wraps me pure in heav'n's Great Light.

2. Spotless Lamb made sin for me. God, Great Judge, just always be. Sealed on high with Christ's Great Pledge never more shall death I dread.

3. One with Him, I stand secure, Safe in Triune hands I'm sure. Christ's great merits giv'n to me. I now hear Him say, "Whom I'm pleased."

4. Long to see the skies burn bright, heaven's hosts all clothed in white. See the King, His vic'try won. Come, pure Bride behold the Son.

Words: Jay C. Wingard, 2011. Music and
Setting: 'Christ My King on High' Jay C. Wingard, 2011.
copyright: This hymn (lyrics, music, and setting) may be freely reproduced or used for Christian worship or personal use. All other rights reserved. This score is a part of the Open Hymnal Project, 2011 Revision.

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